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Starting Problems:
Will Not Crank (Nothing Happens When Key Is Turned)Cranks, But Won't Start (Can Hear Car Trying To Start)Starts, But Takes A Long Time
Engine Problems:
Right After StartingWhen Put Into GearRight After Vehicle Comes To A StopDuring Steady Speed DrivingWhile IdlingDuring AccelerationWhen Parking
Poor Idle:
Is Too Slow At All TimesIs Too Slow With A/C OnIs Too FastIs Rough Or UnevenFluctuates Up and Down
Poor Running:
Runs RoughLacks PowerHesitates Or Stumbles On AccelerationBucks and JerksEngine Knocks, Pings, RattlesBackfiresPoor Fuel EconomyMisfires or Cuts OutSurges and/or ChugglesDieseling or Run-OnEngine Light Always OnEngine Light On SometimesFuel, Gas, or Sulfur Smell
Transmission Problems:
Improper Shifting (early/late)Changes Gear Randomly On Its OwnVehicle Does Not Move When In Gear
Poor Handling:
Pulls To One SideHard SteeringVehicle Shakes and/or Vibrates While Moving


Usually Occurs:
Engine Temperature:
Vehicle Speed:
Driving Conditions During Occurrence:
Short - Less Than 2 Miles2-10 MilesLong - More Than 10 MilesStop & GoWhile TurningWhile BreakingAt Gear EngagementWith A/C OperatingWith Headlights OnDuring AccelerationDuring DecelerationMostly DownhillMostly UphillMostly LevelMostly CurvyRough Road
Driving Habits:
Drive Hard Before Engine Is WarmedAllow Engine To WarmMostly City DrivingMostly Highway DrivingPark Vehicle InsidePark Vehicle OutsideDrive Less Than 10 Miles Per DayDrive 10-50 Miles Per DayDrive More Than 50 Miles Per Day87 Octane Fuel89 Octane Fuel91 Octane FuelMore Than 91 Octane FuelGasoholPropane Conversion
Climate Conditions:
Additional Information:

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Reminder: The diagnostic charge for this service is $168.00.