We offer no guesswork professional diagnostic service.

This includes a COMPLETE scan of every computer/control module on your vehicle such as engine, transmission, body, and more (most 21st century cars have no less than 10 computers and some as many as 35 computers).

Once the diagnostic is done on your car, we can tell you these THREE things about your car:

  1. Exactly what is the root cause(s) of the problem(s)
  2. Exactly how much it will cost to fix the problem(s)
  3. Exactly how long it will take to fix the problem(s)

We are able to solve most problems within the first hour of computer diagnostics; however, if extended trouble-shooting time is needed, then you will be contacted to approve any additional cost.

IMPORTANT: We do not remove or disassemble transmissions. If we were to diagnose a problem that required removal or major disassembly of the transmission, we would refer you to transmission specialists. We do offer electronic repair for all servos, sensors and actuators external to the transmission as well transmission flushing service.

The Diagnostic charge for this service is $168.00

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The Diagnostic charge for this service is $168.00